Our Therapists

Kimberly Campbell, MA LPC Director/Therapist Sallye Siems - Office Manager Joe Shaleen, MA, LPC - Therapist/Assistant Director Corby Thompson, MS - Doctoral Student/Intern Coordinator Bethany Dech, MA, LPC, LADC - Therapist/Intake Coordinator Trish Myers, MS, LPC, LADC - Therapist Holly Sapp, MA, LPC - Therapist Amanda Shaleen, MA, LPC - Therapist Andrew Marra, MS, LPC Jordan Hepler, MA, LPC - Therapist/Outreach Coordinator Machaelie Souza, MS, LPC - Therapist Holly Edwards, MA LPC Candidate Casey Marsh-Shaevitz, MA - LPC Candidate Stacie Veitch, MA - LPC Candidate Emily Swenson, MA - LPC Candidate Dan Keimig, MA - LPC Candidate Stephen Brand, MA


Clinical Interns

Photo of Renew Interns

From left to right:
David Spindle, Olivia Clement, Risa Hudson, Jamie Lovuola, Olivia Pierce