Students, Faculty, & Staff

SNU Students, Faculty & Staff

Contact RENEW at 405-717-6200 at any time day or night to set up an initial intake. If we are not in the office, our answering service will take a message and we will return your call.

Or if on campus, click this link to fill out paperwork.
(you need to be logged in on campus for this link to work)

If this is an emergency please call 911.

Traditional full-time SNU undergraduate students are eligible for a free intake per academic year at no additional cost beyond their initial health fee.  Sessions 1-5 are free, sessions 6-10 are $5.00 and after that, sessions are $10.00 each.

The initial intake fee and ongoing fee for SNU Adult studies, Master level students, and University employees is $40.00 a session. Family members of these individuals are welcome to access our services; fee structure will be based on community fees.

Renew Counseling Center does not take insurance at this time, but does accept check, cash, or credit cards.