A pillow, candle, and cup of coffee by an open window.Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

We recognize that the landscape we all are living in has changed pretty drastically the past few weeks, and it is possible it will remain this way for the foreseeable future.  We cannot stress enough during this time the importance of maintaining your emotional and mental health.  We hope this page will enable you to access helpful resources.

The RENEW staff are here and available to all of our community: traditional students, PGS learners, and our faculty and staff.  You can set up an intake by calling our offices at 405-717-6200.  Our phones are answered 24/7.  If in crisis, call 911.


Articles with helpful ideas for managing stress and anxiety this season:


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Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Working From Home

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Guided Rest Practices

Thrive Global (Updated regularly)

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Apps for meditating, staying active, staying connected, and more:


Calm App Meditations

Downdog Yoga Free for three months due to the virus

Headspace Meditation and breathing

Deep Sleep Costs $2.99, but worth it!

Adidas Runtastic 3 Months Free in Home Workouts

FitOn Free workouts

Hey Nod Ideas for staying connected

Insight Timer Free Meditation App

House Party  Stay social while distancing

Youper Emotional Health Assistant

Marco Polo Stay in touch with friends and family


Additional Websites:

Love is Louder

Help with Anxiety and Depression

Active Minds – Changing the conversation about mental health

Online Fitness classes from ACU

Benefits of mindfulness

Alcoholics Anonymous



OKC Al-Anon

In The Rooms: An Online Addiction Recovery Community